Content is now king on Wipster

Since the beginning of the year we’ve been closely observing how people use what we call Wipster’s ‘project screen’. That’s where you and your team access the various content that’s currently being worked on – it's about the closest thing we have to a typical 'home' screen, so it's an important piece of Wipster real estate.

Our users told us that the content they put on Wipster was being wrapped inside a user interface that made too much of itself. By the simple fact of their weight, colour and screen presence, the trimmings around the project screen thumbnails announced themselves as the most important things on the screen. This needed to change: the content should never play second fiddle to the interface, especially on a platform where visual people create visual media.

So we've made a few alterations. Now the work you put on Wipster is the center of the drama. It's the stage that everything else plays out on. It's very important to us that Wipster seems like a place that's created by you, not by us.

You also told us that now that Wipster works for teams of videomakers, the information displayed on the thumbnail needed to change. It's essential to know who created the work and when they did it; information we’ve now dutifully supplied.

Of course, there's a balance between this ambition and making sure things are always crisp and clear. The information we place on top of your work is lightweight and unobtrusive, never fussy or hard to navigate.

The next phase of our project screen overhaul will bring you our most-requested feature – the ability to organise your content into project folders. With that in mind, the new project thumbnails have been future proofed to work with the folder system we'll implement over the coming weeks.

When we bring new features to Wipster it's important to us that we do it the right way and for the right reasons. We've taken our time with folders not because they're difficult to create but because we want to ensure Wipster stays as simple and usable as it's always been. It's safe to say we're excited about what's coming up. Stay tuned...

New in this release

  • Completely redesigned project thumbnail
  • Redesigned top-level navigation
  • Users can now share directly from the review screen
  • Enhancements to the ‘Shared with me’ section
  • Walkthrough for first-time users
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes