Compare Versions, Side-by-Side!

One of our favorite things about Wipster is version control. Rather than having a bunch of inconsistently titled versions of your video floating around in your Media Library, you can stack versions one by one on top of each other. And better yet, you can now compare these versions side-by-side!

Our new side-by-side comparison gives your team control to go back to previous versions for visibility and history.

After you select your video to watch it, select the version drop down located at the top of the screen and then select the button “Compare Versions” to launch the side-by-side comparison.

Selecting Versions To Compare

Comparing versions is great for reviewing different color grading options, logo animations, or visual effects. You can see that the color in the below project changed drastically from Version 1 to Version 4.

Side-by-side comparison visualized.

Side-by-side comparison visualized.

If you have more than two versions you can compare Version 1 to Version 4 or Version 3 to Version 2. To do this simply select the version drop down to select a new version to compare.

Version Drop Down.png

Clickable and Visible Comment History

You will also see the comment threads below to show the history of that version and why certain decisions were made. You can click on the comment and it will take you to the timecode where that comment was made.

When someone from your team is comparing versions, they can also check the comments from a previous version to see if the changes have been made properly.

Who Can See Versions?

Version comparison is only visible to your internal Wipster team. If you share a video with a reviewer outside your team, they will only see the version you sent them to review, approve, or preview.

Audio Playback


While you playback the versions side-by-side you can also select which versions’ soundtrack will be audible so that way you don’t have two audio tracks playing at once. Now that would be a cacophony! When the audio icon is green that means that audio is enabled.

This is the first iteration of side-by-side version comparison and we hope you find it useful. Let us know what you think and if you have any requests you can leave them here!

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