10 Must-Subscribe YouTube Channels for Video Creators

It’s easy to get intimidated by the technical part of video when you initially start. What cameras to use? Which tripods, lenses, lights, microphones, video editing software should you choose? If you’re on a budget, what should you invest in primarily? How do you edit? How do you shoot? Is the lightning enough? How do you add more light? And so on. The list is endless.

While there’s a lot of blog content covering these topics, there are also several excellent YouTube channels that teach you every little thing you need to know to create astounding videos. I went through my YouTube subscription list and chose 10 YouTube channels that have helped me tremendously.

So dive right in.

1. ThinkMedia

  • 423,023 subscribers
  • 100k views on average per video
  • Over a 1000 comments on average per video

Sean Connel’s YouTube channel, Think Media TV, is an excellent resource for brands thinking of using video to up-scale their digital business. As he says,

‘On this YouTube channel you will find weekly tech, video gear, lighting, and audio gear reviews and tutorials.’

I came across his channel some time back when I was searching for the best camera to purchase. His video was pure gold, and more than the video, the comment section was packed with people recommending their favorite models and discussing the pros and cons of it.

And the best part?

He replies to pretty much all comments and queries in the video’s comment section. So not only do you get excellent first-hand advice in the video, but also a chance to pick an expert’s brain.

ThimkMedia YouTube Comments

I subscribed, I watched them all, and I was hooked. He really does have the best advice for anyone looking to become a video connoisseur.

2. Olufemii Tutorials

Another YouTube channel I follow almost religiously is Olufemii Tutorials. Josh Enobakhare, full-time director from the Los Angeles area, started this channel in 2014. His first video, DIY DSLR viewfinder, received over a 1000 views and is, to this date, a priceless resource for videographers on a budget. Whether you’re a newbie just starting to dip your toes in the proverbial waters of video, or an expert looking to create even better video content, he’s got something for you all.

Also, his credibility comes from his extensive work experience. He’s worked with some really big names like Coca-Cola, Sean Kingston, and George Fox University. So you know you’re getting the real deal when you watch his tutorials.  

He doesn’t hold anything back and teaches you all his video production secrets, tips and tricks. His way of teaching is commendable, as well. He’s brings everything down to the basics and uses layman terms so that his audience understands everything. Don’t believe me, just take a look at his video comments!

Olufemii Tutorials YouTube comments

3. Cinecom.net

Looking for hacks, DIYs, and general tips and tricks to improve your videos? Jordy Vandeput, at Cinecom, is your man then. Cinecom is a video production and online training company based in Belgium, Europe. And they teach some of the best video creation methods on YouTube.

I stumbled across their video, 5 Must Have Filmmaking Accessories Under $50, and I was instantly hooked. Jordy explains everything clearly and concisely, and his content is super-valuable and fluff-free.

While they’ve got paid video courses on their website, it doesn’t stop them from uploading first-class content for free on YouTube.

4. Yum Yum Videos

Clients include: American Express. Heinz. RedBull. Fox. McKesson.

Yum Yum Videos is a brand that creates animated explainer videos. They have a pretty impressive client rooster, and their creativity knows no bounds. Bringing all their creativity, experience and exemplary skills to YouTube, they’ve a great YouTube channel for animated video enthusiasts.

Get inspired by the plethora of animated explainers videos they upload.

5. DSLRguide

In 5 short years, they’ve managed to,

  • Get over 750,000 subscribers
  • Average around a 100k views on average
  • Receive around 500 comments per video on average

From post-production strategies to filmmaking accessories and so much more, Simon at DSLRguide covers everything for video creators and film-makers. While he does create a lot of content for professional film-makers, there’s also a ton of content for amateur video-creators.

And if you’re stuck in a rut or think video’s too hard, he’s got lots of inspirational videos to boost your spirits, too.  

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 11.38.10 PM.png

This channel’s my go-to for all video creation queries. Simon doesn’t keep anything back; he tells you everything he knows about the video creation process. The comments section of his videos overflows with love for him and his videos.

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 11.38.49 PM.png

Here’s one of the very first videos I watched on DSLRGuide. Once you watch it, you’ll understand why it completely hooked me in and made me click the subscribe button faster than you could say STOP.

6. DSLR Video Shooter

Video accessories comparisons. Check.

Basic and advanced video editing tutorials. Check.

Clever DIY video setups? Check.

Answers to all the REAL problems video creators face? Check!

Lots of YT channels focus on produce glamourous and advanced tutorials to show their authority in the video niche. However, not a lot of people cater to complete newbies and teach stuff at grassroot level.

Caleb, at DSLR Video Shooter, does both impeccably. He’s created videos for advanced video creators and beginners. His videos are a delight to watch because he explains everything thoroughly and teaches lots of sneaky tricks and tips to further help you.

Here are a few other great channels that teach you everything you need to know to get started with videos.

Go through them, watch the videos that relate to your current video-related problems, and subscribe to the ones that will help you ace your videos.

7. The Slanted Lens

8. Basic Filmmaker

9. D4Darious

10. tutvid

What are some of your favorite YouTube channels? I’m always on a lookout for YouTube channels with amazing content, so let me know in the comments section below!