10 Instagram Accounts Every Video Marketer Should Be Following

To spur some video inspiration and help you reach your video goals, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite video creators + marketers on Instagram. All of them have an abundance of experience in the video niche and are happy to dispense productive video advice to their followers.

So, keep reading on to find out more.

1. Wave.video

In just a little over 7 months, Wave.video has managed to build quite a huge following of video enthusiasts on Instagram.

Their secret? Effective tips and tricks for video production and marketing process. They post short video snippets of their upcoming vlogs, interviews and other similar videos.

2. SoldWithVideo

With tons of useful videos, SoldWithVideo’s IG feed is a heaven for video creators and marketers.

3. Marley_Baird

Marley Baird is a video branding expert, and her Instagram account is a clear reflection of her expertise in this niche. Her picture captions are little nuggets of useful video branding, online marketing, and digital business information.

4. James Wedmore

A degree from one of top ten film schools - check

Created highly successful programs: Video Traffic Academy and 48Hr Film School - check

Launched ‘The Mind Your Business’ podcast - check

James Wedmore has a lot of video experience and he doesn’t shy away from sharing it with his followers. His IG feed is full of practical information for business owners of all kinds.

5. Clau Murra

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In a video rut? Want some awesome video inspo?

Clau Murra is a stop-motion video animator (a pretty great one!) and she offers an exclusive insight in this world through her Instagram account. She posts a couple of fabulous stop-motion videos every month. They’re a delight to watch and get inspired by.

6. Sunny Lenarduzzi

Want simple yet effective video tips in your IG newsfeed consistently? You need to follow Sunny on Instagram, then. And her beautiful photos will keep you scrolling (and drooling!).

7. Amy Landino

Amy Landino, internationally acclaimed video marketing speaker + author, is founder of the popular YouTube show AmyTV, which has over 100,000 subscribers and has reached over 6 million views. In short, she knows what she’s doing in the video world. And her Instagram feed offers tiny glimpses inside her world as a video connoisseur.

8. Roberto Blake

Roberto Blake’s instagram feed gives out a healthy dose of video inspiration and tried-and-tested tips and tricks to make it in the video world. He shares his own experiences and failures, and everything else that helped him reach the level of success he is at right now. His comment section is full of interesting conversations and strong opinions.

9. Sean Cannell

Lots of video inspiration, tips and tricks for video producers, video equipment comparisons, a glimpse inside his life, and drool-worthy giveaways; what more could you want?

10. Pat Flynn

And who doesn’t know Pat Flynn in the digital world.

With over 103,000 subscribers on YouTube, he sure does know a thing (or a million) about video creation process and video marketing. His Instagram is his personal space where he shares all the comings and goings of his life as well as honest, no-bs advice for everyone in the online business world.

Who do YOU follow?

Like always, we’d love to know which video creators and marketers do you follow? Let us know in the comments section below!