Wipster Ambassador Program

Apply to be a Wipster Ambassador and earn affiliate commissions.


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Who can become an Ambassador?

The short answer? Anyone! Here is list of common types of partners we have worked with.

  • Freelancers

  • Bloggers

  • Consultants

  • YouTubers

  • Podcasters

  • Teachers and Trainers

  • Video & Audio Companies

Eran Stern  - Wipster Ambassador

Eran Stern - Wipster Ambassador

How does it work?

You will get a unique and customizable affiliate share link that you can share via email, on social or in a video.

When people click on your link and purchase a Wipster plan you will earn $$

There is no limit to how much you can earn, so share away!

Jason Boone  - Wipster Ambassador

Jason Boone - Wipster Ambassador

You’ll also get an Ambassador Dashboard

Get a personalized dashboard to have full transparency on your stats and access to creative assets 👀📈

  • Number of link clicks

  • Amount of $$ you have available for payout

The portal also contains creative assets, like videos and graphics, that you can use to promote Wipster


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