“We come together day after day for the love of video. We believe that video content connects people, businesses, and creators and gives them a way to share their stories.
Our goal has always been to help people create more beautiful video and to make the entire experience joyful.”

What is Wipster?

WIPster (Work-In-Progress) is a video collaboration and publishing platform that enables companies to create and deliver better video, faster. With Wipster, teams can efficiently review, approve and collaborate on video revisions, store them in a shared multimedia asset library, publish videos across a variety of tools and easily understand the results—all in one platform.

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As a company, we believe in the power of video. We’re a team of video enthusiasts, consultants, strategists, and workflow designers, with offices around the world in Wellington, New Zealand and Portland, Oregon, and remote team members in New York and the United Kingdom.


Our story

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The idea for Wipster came from Co-founder and CEO Rollo Wenlock, who at the time was a veteran filmmaker and video producer of 15 years. After a sleepless night with a baby and a sunrise shining onto a dusty window, Rollo used his finger to draw a picture into the dust while contemplating the upcoming day of chasing stakeholders through week’s long email chains to give their thoughts on his latest project. As a dusty picture took shape and he focused the landscape behind it, he wondered if it was possible to do this on a video as well, where his clients could place comments directly on top of his latest edit; the video became the canvas for conversation. The rest, as they say, is history.

“I believe everyone is born creative, but we may have lost that belief in ourselves while growing up. We’re here to bring back the joy of creation for everyone in business through the power of video.”
— Rollo Wenlock

Who we are

Wipster embraces openness, innovation, iteration, and beautiful design that makes our customers feel creative and inspired. We also believe that sipping on flat-whites, ice-cold craft beers, and mountain-loads of La Croix is key to the creative process.

We’re here to help creators and companies on their journey to video content nirvana.


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