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Account FAQ's

Who can I share my video with?

Wipster gives you the freedom of unlimited free reviewers! This means you can share your team's videos with as many clients, collaborators or friends as you like. It’s super easy and they won’t need to sign up or create a login – simply click the link, view, and comment.

What does ‘per team member’ mean?

A team member is someone you’ve added to your Wipster account. Each team member has their own profile, and depending on the access you give them, they can upload videos and invite people to review them, access certain folders, and complete items in the to-do list.

How does the free trial work?

When you sign your team up to Wipster the first 14 days are always on the house! During this time your team will have the full Wipster experience - including all our integrations. We'll let you know a couple days before you seamlessly move into a Wipster Video Pro account.

Do I need to sign a contract?

Not contracts here – pay month by month, with no long-term commitment.

Can I cancel my account?

Yes, you can cancel at any time (though we’ll be sad to see you go!). You’ll keep your account until the end of your current monthly billing cycle, and won’t pay a cent more.

How do I pay?

You can pay with Visa®, MasterCard®, Amex® and Discovery®. All prices quoted are in USD.

Feature FAQ's

How does the to-do list work?

When comments are made on a video, they’re automatically turned into a to-do list for your team to work from. Check each item off within Wipster, download a PDF, or print a hard copy for reference in meetings. When each item is checked off, upload the next version!
Coming soon: assign specific tasks on the list to different members of your team.

How do shared folders work?

Streamline your work day by organizing your team's videos into folders for different clients or projects. Then give your team members access to all the folders they need, and none they don’t.

How does authenticated user share work?

Security your number-one priority? Switch on Authenticated User Share, and your videos can only be shared with pre-set, authenticated, users. Once it’s activated, there’s no way to share the video with anyone else.

What does ‘custom branding’ mean?

For an extra-professional look, replace the Wipster logo with your team's branding on the video player screen and in automated emails to reviewers.

What if I want features that aren’t listed here?

Let’s talk! Find out more about Wipster Enterprise, and request a demo.

Wipster allows us to streamline our internal feedback, and the result is a better delivery with quicker turnarounds.

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