The video sales funnel - Stage 1

In our introduction to the video sales funnel, we spoke about why a brand video is so critical. A brand video is your chance to capture your potential customers’ attention and cut through clutter. If you don’t nail it, there’s little point in going on to make any other videos. Today we go deeper into making a brand video that will get people talking and be good for business.

Five steps to an incredible marketing video

With online video consumption experiencing exponential growth, companies are seeing increasing return on investment, meaning some compelling reasons for using video in your marketing mix. However, there are plenty of things that can stall you if you’re not looking out for them. In a bid to ensure your company’s video isn’t left unseen by the masses, here are 5 steps to help you make your best marketing video yet.

Mark Boszko - Video producer at Omni Group

Mark Bozko is an in-house video producer at The Omni Group, makers of fine Mac and iOS productivity software. Mark has worked across the industry and has been hooked on filmmaking since age five. He is inspired by a vast array of online resources and industry professionals. We were fortunate to sit down with Mark to better understand his thoughts on the importance of video, his video review and approval workflow, and the future of video.

Karl Drury, Video Producer at Xero

Karl Drury is an in-house video producer at Xero. He films marketing material, case studies, internal videos for staff, and pieces for Xero TV. We were fortunate to sit down with Karl to better understand his thoughts on the importance of video, the differences between freelance and in-house video production, and his video review and approval workflow. Video is his life, and is rarely without a camera in hand.

The video sales thumbnail

Do you understand how that video fits in with the wider organizational strategy? As well as the basics like budgeting, you have to consider things like who you are targeting, what motivates them, and at what stage of the game that customer is at. Video does not come in one-size-fits-all, and understanding the sales funnel will help you to produce the right video, for the right customer, at the right time. Enter the mighty sales funnel.

Wipster's new features

Exciting news – we’ve just rolled out company branding, content-rich emails and a whole host of other new features for Wipster users. It’s been a busy time, but everything is live and rolling and there’s a lot of cool new stuff to talk about.

The business of video

Here at Wipster we believe in-house video production is a crucial part of making a company visible and credible, and that in-house producers deserve all the attention, support and credit they can get. And that's what we’ll be giving them with our 8-week program, ‘The Business of Video’, launching August 5th. In our weekly blog posts over the next eight weeks we’ll be providing a wealth of resources created just for in-house video producers.

Inhouse vs Outsource

Whether you're a long-time advocate or you've only recently seen the light, thankfully we're all in agreement that marketers should be using video. Period. But what next? Do you scour the video world looking to outsource your production to a talented contractor or do you make the investment here and now and hire an in-house video producer? Let's weigh it up.

People using video teaser

Video is now the preferred medium for consuming and sharing ideas. Thanks to advancements in technology, an increase in the quality of consumer cameras, and the speed of the internet, individuals, companies and governments are increasingly using video to educate, entertain or inspire. Globally, IP video traffic will be 79 percent of all consumer internet traffic in 2018, up from 66 percent in 2013.

Facebook's psychology experiment

Facebook’s recent psychology experiment is, minus the academic ambitions, a classic A/B test. This is the kind of test countless SaaS companies just like Wipster do constantly. We operate further down the slope from Facebook’s behaviour, but not on a different mountain. Is the business of selling always this sinister? Let’s look deeper...