People using video teaser

Video is now the preferred medium for consuming and sharing ideas. Thanks to advancements in technology, an increase in the quality of consumer cameras, and the speed of the internet, individuals, companies and governments are increasingly using video to educate, entertain or inspire. Globally, IP video traffic will be 79 percent of all consumer internet traffic in 2018, up from 66 percent in 2013.

Rollo Wenlock at Microsoft

In the early, nascent stages of a company, it’s a godsend to be able to piggyback on the shoulder of a giant. For Wipster, Microsoft has been our giant. Early last year we were chosen from a pool of more than 50,000 early-stage start-ups to be part of the BizSpark program.

In the spirit of our continued partnership we’ve collaborated with Microsoft on a video describing the origins of Wipster, the vision for the product and where it’s all heading.

Wipster picks up where Vimeo left off

The filmmaking world was shaken today by Vimeo’s announcement that they are now scanning all video uploaded to their site for copyright material with ‘Copyright Match’. If any such material is found, Vimeo will remove the video.

Justin Cone on the future of video

As part of our ongoing infographic series on the future of video we caught up with Justin Cone, the founder of the influential blog Motionographer and the Director of Special-Ops at Psyop.

Facebook's psychology experiment

Facebook’s recent psychology experiment is, minus the academic ambitions, a classic A/B test. This is the kind of test countless SaaS companies just like Wipster do constantly. We operate further down the slope from Facebook’s behaviour, but not on a different mountain. Is the business of selling always this sinister? Let’s look deeper...

Wipster settings

We’ve recently dusted down the place we call Wipster Settings. You probably know it as where you change your password. Make no mistake, Wipster’s new settings panel is not a game-changer. At best it’s a game-slightly-improver. But we’ve always believed that slight improvements count. After all, a whole lot of small stumbling blocks can add up to one giant obstacle, so we want to ensure even experiences as mundane as changing your notification frequency are great ones.

On the road with STA and Storybox

It had all the components of a logistical nightmare, but a collaborative video project spanning 10 weeks, 35 shooting locations, and involving three teams across three countries came together a treat.

Rob Appierdo is the creative director of Storybox, a boutique creative studio in Wellington, New Zealand, with a knack for “telling tales”. Last year he was approached by STA Travel and Brand USA (the national organisation charged with promoting the United States to travelers) to create a series of web videos showcasing the quintessential American road trip.

Aside from being the sort of job everyone wishes they could land, this project was no leisurely jaunt. From the start there were the logistical head-scratchers to deal with. Two to three social media clips being posted onto across STA’s social channels every week, almost all of them to be produced parallel to the shoot itself.

The even heat is what hit me first in Las Vegas. Then the quiet and the calm. Well, quiet and calm compared to LA. Immediately the scale of the place begins to play tricks with you. The short trip from the airport to hotel was a surprise, as was the miniature size of the strip. All this compared with the biblical scale of the desert I’d just crossed to get here. I’d come to this place for the 2014 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). It’s the world’s biggest conglomeration of video/film hardware and software companies, all under one roof for three days.

Wipster's new 'nudge'

We have great news – Wipster has a new team member.

Having someone join your company is a momentous occasion. It brings the group together and gives you chance to do something special. Because we’re a video company, we thought we’d celebrate by getting the gang together on a rainy saturday to make a video.

Xero's video team

We recently sat down with Josh Farmer from Xero to hear how he and his team create beautiful, engaging video content to engage and educate their users.