grow your freelance video business

In order to grow your freelance business, it’s critical you get it in front of as many potential clients as possible. Your own website is the obvious location, but there are other invaluable (and cost-efficient) ways of getting your work in front of new people. Here’s our guide to growing your freelance video business online.

Axel Lavin - creative director at Stir

Wipster sits down with Axel Lavin, founder of Norway-based video production company Stir. Axel Lavin has been working in animation and VFX for the last eight years. As a child he made films in his backyard and hasn’t looked back. Axel shares insights on taking risks and what it takes to be a great creative director.

Wipster joins twittter timelinetuesday

We admit, we can’t keep away from #timelinetuesday, and we want in on the action. Tweet us a screen grab of your Wipster timeline with the hashtag #timelinetuesday, and let the world peer into your video collaboration process.

7 Aftereffects tools that don't suck

Adobe After Effects is an incredibly versatile program used in almost every facet of the film and video industry. Whether you are an independent freelancer or a professional compositor for a large post house, After Effects is definitely a staple of the editing world. One of my favorite things about AE is that whether you’re compositing, rotoscoping, animating, or scripting, there’s always something new to learn. Here are some After Effects resources that don’t suck.

Zen and the art of video storytelling

Inspired by Robert M. Pirsig’s seminal 1974 text, we decided to examine the Metaphysics of Quality when it comes to video storytelling. We chatted to Wipster CEO Rollo Wenlock and Joey Dello Russo, video producer at Asana, about how they achieve creative zen using Pirsig’s concepts – authenticity, personal identity, freedom, and duality to make amazing videos.

Wipster Free forever

It’s taken Wipster over a year to offer a Free Forever account. And for good reason — we’ve been doing a huge amount of work to figure out just what you need, and why. So how can we offer the Wipster platform, video encoding and hosting, and unlimited archive of all your work, all for free? Easy. It’s all about who we built the ‘Free Forever’ account for.

Video collaboration for business just got easier

Over a very short period of time, the world of video has changed beyond recognition. To help you leverage this exponential growth, Wipster has today released collaborative video review and approval for businesses and large teams. The days of cobbling together emails, spreadsheets and social-video sites are over.

Video is eating the world

We are in the midst of a monumental shift in media consumption. From social tools like Vine to YouTube, video is staging a wholesale takeover of the marketing world. There’s no denying it’s the most dominant medium when it comes to reaching your audience, and it’s only set to get bigger. Learn how you can better leverage this powerful medium.

Dave Collins - video producer at ANGRYchair

Wipster sits down with Dave Collins, founder of Melbourne-based business video production company ANGRYchair. Having worked in television for five years, he gets a lot of inspiration from films and TV shows, and likes to use similar production concepts in his current work. He loves having such a varied job and filming something different every day.

Richard Squires, video producer at Reg

Richard Squires has been a motion designer for more than 20 years. Originally from the UK, Richard has worked in London and New York and is now based in Melbourne where he has his broadcast design company Reg. He is inspired by the world around him and loves having the freedom to experiment.