Joyful video review

Upload, review, approve and share your video content

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Joyful video review

Upload, review, approve and share your video content

Wipster is a beautiful, intuitive video review and approval platform designed for producers, content creators and media teams.




The review process doesn’t have to be painful. Wipster helps get you back to doing what you love.

Trusted by thousands of editors, mograph artists, studios and companies from around the world

Wipster helps bring together teams from wherever they may be to collaborate on digital media projects; simply, elegantly and quickly

Wipster is one of the most useful video tools I've used in the past 10 years!

Andrew Burke - Video producer


Optimised for mobile

Clients can review, comment and approve video seemlessly from their phone or tablet.

Clients can review, comment and approve video seamlessly from their phone or tablet.

Makes me look like a rockstar to my clients

Rafael Ludwig - Video producer


Top features for video producers

Contextual commenting directly on the video

Comment and reply on a specific part of the video. All conversation is right where it should be.

Automated to-do list

Feedback is automatically collated into a worklist. No more copying and pasting from emails.

Version stacking

Upload a new version of a video right on top of an old one. Never lose track of what happened when. New versions don't eat into your minutes.

Unlimited sharing, for free

Privately send your video to as many people as you want via a custom link. No logins required.

Frame-accurate video playback

Navigate to the right frame regardless of the video’s FPS, and share frame accurate URLs.

Team members

Work together as a team on the same account. Control who sees what project at a granular level.


We use the same encryption (256 SSL) as banks. Every link is unique and completely search-engine proof.

Content-rich emails

Receive ‘at-a-glance’ frame and comment notifications wherever you happen to be.

Unlimited archive

All your videos stored in one place with a permanent record of who said what and when.